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Talenthouse Catarina Hosler

Artistic Training

Learn from a master one on one how to use a Plasma Cutter to hand cut sheet metal to any desired shape. I offer a 3 hour $150 workshop in cutting aluminum, brass, and copper. Add 1 more hour, total $200 to learn how to cut steel and stainless steel.

Light It Up - Illuminated Metal Sculpture - Art Lessons Neon Sculpture Training

Light It UP! Learn from an experienced light artist how to create an illuminated sculpture. I will take you through the steps of design, fabrication, and installation to create a unique one of a kind illuminated artwork that expresses your vision. I offer an intense 8 week course for $1600, accepting serious students only. Please be prepared to commit to completing assignments both written and drawn. Please contact artist for more information. Phone: 831.419.2697